Mom’s Club

The Mom’s Club is a group of football Mom’s that volunteer to help out the program during the season by cooking meals for the coaches. The coaches put in many hours after school during the week days and on the weekends. On Sundays during the football season a schedule will be created and we will be asking for volunteers to bring in a dish on a specific date to feed 10 – 15 coaches. Typically, there will be 2-3 Mom’s that will volunteer together on one date, so to keep the cost and effort minimal.

Christi Henschel is the Coordinator for the Mom’s Club and will be the POC for the Schedule and any questions pertaining to the meals. The schedule will be posted to this page. Check back soon!

2015-16 Mom’s Clinic is July 26, 2015 at 2:00 PM (Field House)

The Mom’s Clinic is held annually by the coaches wives and is a great way to introduce the Mom’s to the football program and what it is exactly their sons do on the football field, who their coaches are and what their positions are all about. The coaches take them through a game scenario, take a tour through the locker rooms and even show the Mom’s how to run routes. The fun doesn’t stop there…they end the clinic with a Quarterback throwing competition!

The day ends with the Senior Mom’s taking a picture with their son’s jersey’s (seen above). What a proud moment it is for them and yet, a tearful one! Go Eagle Moms!