Parents because Player Fees is a new concept for our program we wanted to put together an FAQ document to hopefully help answer some questions you may have regarding the fees as you read over the registration form.  You will see the fees listed on the Registration Form page 2.  The dates for the camps and 7 v 7 tournaments will be listed on the 2018 Football-Off Season Schedule.

Also you will find useful your Player and Parent Handbook which will be distributed on   Registration Night February 8th to further clarify the vision of our program.


  1. Per the Registration Form, there are several fees for the players including camps, etc.  What is really required of the players?  Will there be fundraising to offset some of these fees?


 The fees are as follows:

Player Fee – $500

Player Fundraising Obligation Fee – $500


Players will have 3 options; Player Fee, Eagle Cards and Our Fund (this is similar to what we know as Boost Me Up).  Our Fund will be set up on registration night and can be used to raise money.

There is a Player Fee discount of $50 available if paid in full on registration night February 8th. If you are unable to pay the Player Fee in full on the 28th, there will be an option to pay in 4 installments but must be paid in full by August 1stSee page 2 of the Registration form.  

Additionally, each player can sell Eagle Cards as a part of their Fundraising Obligation Fee.

As long as a player has met the obligation of $1000, any additional funds raised either through additional Eagle Card sells or Our Fund will go towards paying camp fees. Coach Gregory is willing to work with players however, the expectation is everyone will have to contribute their share and obligation to the program.

Camp fees and the Practice Pack (Spirit Wear) are an additional option add-on.

See page 2 of the registration form.

  1. Per the Registration Form there is an additional $250 fee for camps, is this just for those dates that specifically say “camps” or does the $250 also include 7 v 7 tournaments?

The $250 includes the two team camps and the UGA Camp where all players can attend.   No additional fee for the 7 v 7 tournaments, however, we’ll need volunteers to make lunches, snacks and drinks for the players to have during those tournaments if it’s not covered by a sponsor.  This will be a task for our newly designed Moms Club so more information will be distributed for the needs in this area after registration on the 8th.

See the Off Season Schedule for dates.

  1. In the past,  players that attended 7 v 7 tournaments were selected at the discretion of the coach is that the same process or will any of the skilled players be welcomed to attend 7 v 7 and what about the camps does that include everyone?    

For tournaments where there is limited space, Coach Gregory will advise players.  However, there will be tournaments all players can attend such as Locust Grove and the UGA camp.

Freshmen players will only pay for player fees $450 and Sprit Wear (Practice Pack).  The 9th grade players will not go to the camps unless Coach Gregory personally invites them, which he will contact the parents if he thinks a 9th grade player is ready for a Varsity camp.

  1. Is the discounted price for the camps only available on the 8th, if not, what date will be the cut off for the discounted camp price? 

Players will have until March 31st to pay the $250 for the camps after that date players will be charged by the trip.

  1. If parents don’t take advantage of the discounted camp price by March 31st, what is the anticipated cost per camp?  

The cost per camps by the trip is as follows:  UGA – $50, Parkview – $150 and Colquitt – $200  Therefore, the $250 paid by March 31st is a significant savings.

See Off Season Schedule for dates.

  1. What camps will include linemen?

Linemen will attend the UGA camp, Parkview and Colquitt camps.

See Off Season Schedule for dates.

  1. Does the practice pack include only one pair of shorts and one t-shirt?  If only one of each is there an option to purchase additional of each?   If so what price?

Each player will get two performance shirts and two pair of shorts.

  1. Are the players expected to wear to every practice during the summer?  

Yes, starting in the summer and throughout next fall the players will be expected to wear these items.   The staff will do their laundry and wash the cloths daily.

  1. Is there a different cost if a 7 on 7 uniform is not needed by a player?

No each player will receive practice shorts and shirt along with the 7 on 7 shirt and short with the purchase of the Practice Pack/Spirit Wear.

  1. Will physicals be offered at the school this year?  If so when?

Yes, tentatively set for April 25th.